1. Delay Your Garage Door Repair and You’re Just Inviting These Problems In

    Has your garage door seen better days, but you’re just putting off garage door repair? That could be a mistake if you want to keep pests out of your garage. Ants - If you see ants in your garage, it might not immediately be a concern to you. They’re most likely after your recycling bin or pet food you store out there. But the real problem isn’t that they’re in your garage, it’s that your…Read More

  2. Garage Door Remotes: A Strange and Interesting History

    Every time you come home and hit your garage door opener button, you expect it to work. After all, it can’t be that complex a piece of equipment, could it? You might be surprised...garage door opener remotes have been the height of consumer technology since they were invented more 75 years ago. Birthed In World War II: Wooden garage doors have been around for a long as garages have (since about …Read More

  3. The Dangers of Doing Your Own Garage Door Repair

    We know that there are a lot of do-it-yourselfers out there, and we respect that. But when you’re dealing with the largest moving object in your house (and one of the heaviest) it’s a good idea to let the professionals handle your garage door repair. Why? Here are three reasons. The Sheer Weight - Garage doors are heavy. Very heavy. 350 pounds heavy. And when your garage door is up and not con…Read More

  4. Thinking of New Garage Door Installation? Have You Considered Glass Panels?

    One of the big questions you have to ask yourself during garage door installation is “should I get glass window panels as part of my door?” There are advantages and disadvantages of getting windows in your garage door, so let’s talk them through. Positive: They let in natural light — This is certainly the biggest positive of having windows installed with our new garage door service. Every …Read More

  5. How We Can Make Your Garage Door Installation Unique

      If you’re like so many people today, your neighborhood was all built at once. If you are the first owners, you might not have been able to give too much input, or perhaps at the time you were trying to keep the cost down. If you were a subsequent owner, you probably look around and notice that your garage door looks a whole lot like everyone else’s in the neighborhood. To make it even w…Read More

  6. Keep The Pests Out With Proper Garage Door Repair

      Have you ever found something in your garage and thought “how did that get in here?” Maybe it’s a mouse, maybe it’s a snake. You probably figured it got in there one time when you left the garage door open for a while when you were doing some yard work. But most of the time it has nothing to do with an open garage door. Instead, the critter usually got in there through small holes t…Read More