Have you ever found something in your garage and thought “how did that get in here?” Maybe it’s a mouse, maybe it’s a snake. You probably figured it got in there one time when you left the garage door open for a while when you were doing some yard work.

But most of the time it has nothing to do with an open garage door. Instead, the critter usually got in there through small holes that you may or may not have noticed. Here are three situations that just create a permanent “open door” policy for bugs and animals.

Rail Misalignment: If your garage door is too high on one side or the other and it’s not the fault of your pavement, you’ll definitely want to call us for garage door repair soon. This isn’t just unsightly, but it let’s in bigger critters than you might imagine (mice can get through incredibly tiny holes). Plus it means that it’s very likely that your garage door is having to work harder to compensate for the alignment, which could cause it to fail too soon.

Flashing / Seals: The rubber weatherstripping that surrounds your garage door must be flexible to match the movements of your garage door. They’re also being hit by UV radiation from the sun 365 days a year. Over the years they get brittle and start to crack and break, leaving spaces large enough for small animals to get through. This can also happen to the seal at the bottom of the garage door if it freezes to the ground and then is pulled up and torn when the door goes up..

Pavement Settling: Here’s the one we can’t help you with directly, but it’s something you’ll want to take care of if you want to keep as many creepy crawlers out of your garage as possible.

Keep critters out with proper garage door repair! Give Sukup Garage Doors a call today!