One of the big questions you have to ask yourself during garage door installation is “should I get glass window panels as part of my door?” There are advantages and disadvantages of getting windows in your garage door, so let’s talk them through.


They let in natural light — This is certainly the biggest positive of having windows installed with our new garage door service. Every time you walk from your house to the garage you will no longer have to turn on the garage light. That saves power and wear and tear on your lights, and is especially helpful if you’re just stepping out into the garage for a minute or two. Save the lights for when you’re woodworking!

They look good — Nothing wrong with looking good! Windows in your garage door will give the front of your house a unique flavor.


They give another point of entry — We hesitate to mention this one, because it’s really not much of a problem. While the garage door windows technically are a point of entry, most crooks aren’t going to try to get into your house by smashing a garage door window…it’s simply too high profile, and they’re more likely to try to get in through a window facing the back yard.

They can get broken — Unfortunately, garage door windows can break. Unlike your average garage door panel that will simply get dented, the glass in a garage door is susceptible to cracking and breaking, especially if you have kids throwing balls all over the place.

So there you have it…two positives and two negatives in having glass in your garage doors. Are they right for you? Give us a call and we can give you even more advice!